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WELLL-Homes is your premier interior health-design advocate.

With our unique HEALTH-HOME-FORMULA we are the only interior design company who offers you an exceptionally powerful Fusion-Design, embracing revolutionised, contemporary Feng Shui and the globally celebrated science of Biophilic Design.

During decades of experience in human-centered holistic design we developed strategies to transform your home into the most beneficial enviroment tailored to your wishes and needs.

We want you to live your happiest and healthiest life in a harmonious, energising and aesthetically pleasing ambiance that promotes longevity.



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Holistic Health 

Instead of headache and back pain, finally feel at home in a supportive HEALTH-HOME, a nurturing heaven for a long quality life ahead. We turn restlessness to restfulness, discomfort to comfort, listlessness to vitality which you can enjoy at any stage of your life up to a truly advanced age. Already 14 days after implementation your life and well-being will gradually improve.

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Increasing Wealth

Say farewell to the overwhelming feeling of stress, instead devote more of your precious time to the things and people you love while abundance and wealth knock at your door and wish to be welcomed in. Wealth refers to all kinds of prosperity: Health-Set, Heart-Set, Mind-Set, Anti-Aging and Finance.

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Flourishing Relationships

We all strive for healthy, flourishing relationships throughout all periods of life. Partners, family, friends, colleagues and pets are the most important protagonists in our lives. Enjoy naturally flowing affection, harmony and a deep understanding for one another. Light up your daytime, intensify your nightlife.

 Live in a WELLL-Homes designed property and experience the results you can gain for your home with a stay in a seaview Lux-Penthouse near Cannes

"Even a short stay at the Penthouse of unique Villa Mauresque in Golfe-Juan/Côte d´Azur helps overworked, stressed Managers, Moms, Dads, Kids to relieve stress tension & low energy so you can RELAX, BREATHE, HAVE FUN. We guarantee you will leave with a WOW and a SMILE."

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Healing-Art Gallery

Art is our one true global language. It brings joy and healing and makes this world not only a more beautiful but also a better place. As Rachel Naomi Remen (author and professor at the University of California) put it : “At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer. “ The young artists we promote enrich your home or workspace with the most amazing pieces of art made of natural materials like wood, bark, metal, roots, cloth, minerals or glass. Mass production is not part of our concept. Each individual exhibit is only available once, which makes it unique, exclusive, special and a clever investment. Choose a one-only piece of art that touches you personally and will illuminate your life's journey.

What Our Customers Say About WELLL-Homes

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Ralf T.

Zurich and Vella Switzerland

At first I did not think it would be possible to have my house transformed without any stress. However, when I returned from a long holiday I was entirely delighted with a truly smashing place, a home like out of a trendy magazine. It looks as if a famous family lived here, so different and special and all to my taste. We are so happy! Same amazing results for our chalet in Vella. My sleep is so much better and I can focus more at work.

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Annick M.

Los Altos, CA – USA

What an amazing team you are. This formula of yours is like magic! My home office is now wonderful. I have the perfect set up to be productive from home now. Our living areas feel fantastic and look like a Hollywood home. If we will get this summer house in southern France we have been talking about you will be part of that, too.

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Fredrik S.

Stockholm – Sweden

WELLL-Homes transformed my house after a tough time with terrible losses. Now the same building has become a refuge and sanctuary, on top of being a well of inspiration. Family life has become lively and joyful. The energy flow in our home has greatly improved and everyone is feeling motivated and full of life at the same time we handle challenges in a harmonious understanding way and are up for a new adventure any time, as if an assuring kind of courage had moved in with us. Your suggestions for the garden transformation was not only beautiful but as well so effective and useful. Thank you!

Igrid O

Ingrid O.

San Francisco, CA/USA

What a fabulous process, working with Welll Homes! My house is in the woods (near Seattle, WA/USA) and I wanted a Japanese feel to the rebuild.

After several conversations both in person and via Zoom, I received an extensive report from Stefanie and Malena. It has so many ideas and visual references that I feel renewed creativity around the rebuilding/expansion project.

I am increasingly confident about my decisions going forward— so many things to consider and with Welll Homes guidance, I know the result will be amazing, calming, and above all, a reflection of the life I intend to live there. Thanks so much!

Christine M. and Thomaf H. Cabris/ France

Christine M. and Thomas H.

Cabris/ France 

After having completed our summer residence with WELLL-Homes Health-Home-Formula and their assistance during the renovation phase, which was so much fun, we feel full of energy and confidence in our wonderfully remodelled house in the South of France. We are so grateful to the WELLL-Homes team for the flood of good ideas and detailed plans that truly excited us. It is amazing that design and health are so closely linked and also had a positive impact on our relationship. Now we can live our happiest and healthiest life in an environment that enchants us. Thank you for your positive impact!

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