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What Our Customers Say About WELLL Homes

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Ralf T.

Zurich and Vella Switzerland

At first I did not think it would be possible to have my house transformed without any stress. But when I returned from a long holiday I was entirely delighted with a truly smashing place, a home like out of a trendy magazine. It looks as if a famous family lived here, so different and special and all to my taste. We are so happy! Same amazing results for our chalet in Vella. My sleep is so much better and I can focus more at work.

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Annick M.

Los Altos, CA – USA

What an amazing team you are. This formula of yours is like magic! My home office is now wonderful. I have the perfect set up to be productive from home now. Our living areas feel fantastic and look like a Hollywood home. If we will get this summer house in southern France we have been talking about you will be part of that, too.

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Fredrik S.

Stockholm – Sweden

Long-Life-Luxury-Homes transformed my house after a tough time with terrible losses. Now the same building has become a refuge and sanctuary, on top of being a well of inspiration. Family life has become lively and joyful. The energy flow in our home has greatly improved and everyone is feeling motivated and full of life at the same time we handle challenges in a harmonious 

understanding way and are up for a new adventure any time, as if an assuring kind of courage had moved in with us. Your suggestions for the garden transformation was not only beautiful but as well so effective and useful. Thank you!

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Bettina G.

Vallauris – France

Côte d´Azur is the sunshine state in France. You made my second residence radiate and glow. After the transformation I feel so much more vital and sleep better. Thank you. I will recommend you to all my friends.

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Katja M.

Frankfurt a. M. – Germany

Without any doubt I can say that my house has become a true home thanks to you two. Imperial feng shui and biophilic interior design seem to be the best combination ever. I have been living in this house for more than ten years and have never felt so energetic, joyful and harmonious. Thank you as well for the exceptional service you offered.

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Petra F.

Golf Juan – France

Thank you, girls. Was a bit hesitant at first as you surely remember but I am thrilled now that I can see and even more feel the great result. My apartment has become a true refuge. Thank you for a pleasant and stress-free transformation phase and a brilliant result. Our guests are nothing but impressed. Will keep you informed.